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Driving Innovation From Coast

to Coast

C2C Startups Ecosystem

  • A vibrant global startup community to foster cross-border collaboration, promote exchange of ideas, and create new opportunities


  • Work closely with founders from different geographic locations and cultural backgrounds to build the next wave of impactful ventures from groundbreaking ideas and support them to go global


  • Mobilize resources and deploy capital to invest in visionary founders and technological breakthroughs for a sustainable future

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Global Startup Community

Client 6

Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent Engine

Client 3

Cross-border Startup Acceleration

Client 5

Venture Building


Angel Investment


Our Cornerstone Is Empowering Future Entrepreneurs

C2C Startups has been working with entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into successful ventures since 2016. We believe that entrepreneurial spirit plus breakthroughs in frontier technologies will help address many of the biggest challenges facing humanity. 

We work along with our innovative talents and startups for the long haul and understand that success takes hard work, dedication and sheer perseverance. We provide curated programs, knowledge, resources and expert advice to transform entrepreneur's vision into disruptive reality.​

C2C Startups Platform

Create Lasting Values

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East Harvest Ventures


FOHO Innovation Hub

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XTY Capital

We are always looking for the next big idea.

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Unit 509 - No. 21 Chengji Road, Huirong Plaza

SND, Suzhou, China

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